Compliance and Reporting

PhRMA guidelines are regularly reviewed by our senior management team, and we host semi-annual discussions about the latest guidelines with all members of our staff. Our clients have different interpretations about the guidelines, including what level of hotel property is suitable for their meetings. In Asia, Africa, and parts of Europe, we encourage our clients to be more flexible as to whether higher-tier hotels are appropriate, simply because many properties are incapable of providing proper security or support for meetings.

Working closely with sponsors and CRO's, we then discuss the compliance aspects of the decision to find the best value and the lowest cost.

Our clients have widely varying views about the degree of detail required for Open Payments (Sunshine) Act compliance issues, and work to achieve a balanced reporting framework that exceeds the requirements of the statute.

On behalf of my team, I want to thank you all for a well planned Investigators Meeting. Mary Ellen and I were very pleased with the results and both feel Summit Management did a great job. Deverene was great accommodating my requests under somewhat difficult constraints with the ATS congress and Tulane’s graduation the same weekend. The little things in life for me count more than words can express like Carol tapping on the shoulder during the reception to advice me one of our key KOLs had arrived and was right behind me (this was the first time I was meeting him and woud not have recognize him). Thank you Carol for always keeping me informed of who was missing and or on the way to the meeting. I also want to thank both Zki and Max for their patience with the speakers especially those who came to Zki last minute with updated presentations right before starting the meeting. It takes patience to do what Zki does but more importantly experience. Thank you Zki for all your attention to details and the wonderful music and memorable pictures. Joe: You have a great team!
— A Top 25 Pharma Executive