The Next Evolution of Meeting Information Management

The Thumb (or Flash, USB) Drive Era is over. 

What was once a revolution in sharing large amounts of information has become a liability in data security as they inevitably become misplaced, written over, or accessed by more and more sophisticated hackers.

We have encountered a growing number of pharma companies who are ditching the convenience of Thumb Drives for alternatives of disseminating the sensitive materials generated at Investigator Meetings.  With the explosion of cloud storage, there are many options to choose from, with the main question being, which is the best?

Summit and our technology partner have the perfect solution, designed specifically for the pharma industry.

Array Second Screen technology creates an offline user storage account for every guest. This account becomes a repository for all meeting content that the user is exposed to during the meeting including slides, polls, questions asked, and even protocols and training procedures.

Second Screens not only foster interactivity, check knowledge retention and provide instant feedback, but they allow meeting participants to make notes on slides and decide which ones to save.

In addition to the personalized slide deck, each user account will have everything the sponsor wants them to have for as long or as little as required. Each storage account is accessible only via email and password and every login is tracked.

Instead of attending a meeting and bringing back a generic thumb drive, your guests will now be returning to their sites with access to a virtual back of the meeting experience. Just think how much better they'll be able to train and inform their colleagues.

Summit can incorporate Second Screen technology and data storage into your meeting strategy, as soon as your next program. Give us a call at (973) 239-4005 ext. 133 or email