No Better Way to Invest Tax Cut Savings than on Incentive Travel

Over the past year, we have all seen the news reports of companies using their projected savings from the new Federal Tax Laws to invest in their employees through higher compensation. While we recognize this is good for a temporary PR and morale boost, we suggest businesses invest in something more lasting that can actually generate higher revenues for years to come.

It seems to us, and we are not tax experts or offering tax advise that by using tax cut savings to seed an incentive travel program, businesses of all sizes can reward – and more importantly, ensure – the tremendous loyalty of their employees AND customers.

In our experience, incentive travel programs have proven to be vital to our clients in defining their relationships with their team members and client base. It creates a focal point for the year that everyone looks forward to and then talks about afterward, creating memories that last forever and reinforcing long-term bonds.

Don’t have an incentive travel program?  We can help you create a truly memorable incentive travel experiences.  Our years of experience will help improve performance, motivate employees, and deliver the results that management is looking for.  Our expert planners with worldwide experience can help you find an acceptable balance between needs and wants, through a variety of different programs.  Our programs are delivered as expected, on time and on budget all within the established parameters.  Reach out to see the hottest destinations for 2018.

For your next incentive travel trip, let SMS Incentives handle all the details. Using our contacts in the tourism and hospitality industries in far-flung locations, we can plan fun, unique, and unforgettable itineraries from departure to return and every experience in between. Call our President Joe Lipman at (973) 239-4005 ext 120 or email him at

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