10 Tips when you Plan a Foreign Trip

Special guest post by Sarah Bennett of holidayfactors.com

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or a newbie as far as foreign travel is concerned--- let us tell you that picking up a few tips while planning a foreign trip can always turn out to be useful. We have 10 amazing foreign travel tips in the offing for you! We hope they will help you ace major and minor challenges of traveling to a foreign land with ease.

1.   Know how to get one up on your nerves

 You may think that you are the only one but let us tell you that it’s clearly not the case. Right from applying for visa to acing the immigration, every traveler is battling serious nerves at every juncture of a foreign trip. Make sure that you don’t go wrong with your preparations amidst all the nervousness. Please do ensure that you are checking with your doctor and your insurance carrier. You may find it difficult to acclimatize in a completely foreign land. Ask your doctor about the precautions that you need to take. Travel insurance is of course a priority for every prudent traveler today.


2.   Carry copies of your passport without fail

 Irrespective of which foreign country you’re traveling to, you should ensure that you are not only immersed in planning your itinerary but are duly serious about fool-proof ways to carry your passport as well. What if you’re traveling to a country where passports are frequently stolen? Carrying photocopies of your passport can redeem your situation to a large extent in some cases.


3.   Do not ignore warnings

 Irrespective of which country you are traveling to you must refer to the State Department’s Consular Information Program for travel alerts or advisories. This is of course an important part of your research. It is definitely worth it to get yourself enrolled with Smart Traveler Enrollment Program as it means that the State Department can actually help you during emergencies.


4.   Get your finances in order

 That’s very important because the kind of budgeting you do will actually go on to ensure the quality of trip that you actually end up experiencing. It is important to find out about the monetary conversion before you’re leaving and plan your budget in accordance. Check with your bank in order to find out whether the credit card you’re using will work in the country you’re visiting or not.


5.   International Driving Permit

 It is extremely important if you are actually embarking on an international road trip. If you don’t plan properly you might as well forget about obtaining an international driving permit. And, if you forget and still continue driving in a foreign land, there is every possibility of you having to contend with legal hassles as well. Do not invite these troubles as this will go on to ruin the entire essence of an international trip.


6.   Register with your embassy

 This again is something which is extremely important. Once you register with your embassy it will become easier for your government to reach out to you if you are in trouble in the foreign country. Ask the most regular travelers out there and they will actually be able to tell you how important it is taking this step without fail. Do not rule out chances of problems arbitrarily.


7.   Educate yourself about the etiquette tips

 It is important on your end to acknowledge the fact that the etiquette norms followed in different countries might as well be different from each other. What works in your country may not really work in the country that you’re visiting. Right from dining, to greeting to tipping to communicating and commuting – the nuances might differ vastly or slightly from country to country. Here is where it is important to figure out how exactly you should conduct yourself in the country you’re visiting.


8.   Learn the languages if possible

 No! We are definitely not asking you to learn a whole new language before stepping foot on the country. However, it does help to pick up key phrases and common words. If you are traveling alone you will require road directions from locals at several junctures. So, make sure you are picking up words in accordance.


9.   Compare vacation deals from several agents

 That is actually a prudent financial step to take. Please do ensure that you are actually taking the trouble to look up a plethora of travel deals in a bid to find out which packages are actually complimenting your needs, budget, and preferences in the best possible fashion. Don’t just go by the first results flashed on Google as that might as well mean that you’re actually missing out on a number of great deals in terms of attractions as well as finance.


10.  Talk to regular trippers

 That really opens up horizons in more ways than one. No run off the mill travel article or generic travel blog can actually provide you the kind of information that those with personal experience can offer you. So, be duly guided!


You’re sorted! Hopefully, these travel tips will amply help you before your international trip! All the best!


Sarah is a senior content curator in HolidayFactors.com, a leading holiday portal in Dubai, UAE