Treat Your Dad to the Gift of Travel this Father's Day

A lot of people out there do not know we issue airline tickets as part of our services.  I am mentioning this because most of you probably feel pretty safe making reservations with the online airline and reservations systems or services like Kayak and Expedia.

Here is what you need to know-

Each traveler has a profile if you travel with us on a constant basis. We store all of your travel data, i.e., air FF numbers, seating preferences, hotel and car preferences and loyalty program numbers and even your preference of payment if you choose to do so. All kept in a secure format.  There is no charge for this and the traveler tracks their own loyalty program/s points.

We charge a $50.00 fee to process each transaction.  If you book a car or hotel on the same transaction, there is NO fee to book this for you. This is also an added time savings for you, as you would have to go onto another website to book a hotel, and then even another to book a car. All of your travel data on one transaction!

The other upside of calling your professional travel agent is that  the transaction is seamless and you get to speak with a travel consultant that is professional and knowledgeable.  Our consultants are able to offer options and lower fares, different routings, and even alternate airports as well as time of day flights that can most generally offer savings to you.  Our consultants can see things you or the average traveler would not see on an airline website.

 For example, if you were flying out on United at 6:30 AM on Tuesday with a return Friday, the fare could be $633.   If you flew at 5:30 AM on Tuesday the fare could be $100.00 less.  Travel on the same airline just an hour earlier.

Here is another example; if you are booking two seats at the same time, the airline has a tendency to round up both reservations to the higher fare, rather than booking one at the lower fare and then the other at the higher fare.  So for example, if the fare is $550 for one, and when you go back to book two, the fare is $625 for both!  The travel consultant would be able to book the first fare for $500, and the second at $625.  The saving would be $125.00 on at least one.

 The other things a good travel consultant will do is check back and review fares before ticketing and see if any changes in fare have occurred, hopefully surprising you with a lower fare!  This is something you may not have time to do if you book online direct with the airline.  Plus it would mean cancelling the first, getting a credit issued and then rebooking the second.  Tell me you haven’t thought, why bother?

Cost savings is everyone’s job today.   Both the traveler and business owners are often trying to keep costs under control.  Once there is a company profile in place, we can let you know if a ticket cost is over a certain amount that you have set up with us.   If the company individual insists on flying a particular way, we can let you know. 

Lastly, what if a flight is cancelled because of a mechanical or other delay?  Have you noticed how unhelpful the airline is suggesting a return or rerouted flight?  This is assuming you can even get through to the airline!!  And if you are already at the airport already when this delay happens, have you ever tried to get in line to an agent and wait hoping that there will be a seat left for you? You can quickly call our consultants and we can research alternate flights and hold a seat for you on another flight if available! Depending on the circumstances, we can even reissue your ticket and you can be on your way to the other flight!

The airline will never offer a last seat availability on another carrier on or around the same time.  Our Consultants can help you with that knowing that depending on the circumstances, we can sometimes refund and book you on another carrier.

 Further, we have a 24 hour service, so you are in good hand regardless to when you call. (Additional fee may apply)  At least you will get a consultant on the phone to help you.

We are able to place all tickets on one credit card and provide monthly recaps.  If a group is traveling, we can provide an accurate arrival and departure list for transportation.

So, there you have it in a nut shell.  We would like to do your day to day air travel.  You can test us with some company air? Call our Director of reservations services, Marty Beery at 973-239-4005 ext. 110 or reach out to me to set up a credit card account.  You won’t be disappointed.