Not So Smarte Cartes

Don’t you hate having to pay $6.00 for a Smarte Carte at an NYC area airport?

This is one part of traveling that has bothered me for years. Many worldwide airports provide carts as a courtesy to help travelers move luggage in and out of customs and baggage claim.   Not the US airports.  Someone has got to make a buck off of you (Have they ever considered what pizza for 4 costs?).   This has been the case for more than a decade.  These carts aren’t even available where you need them like when you get dropped off at an outer island at Terminal C Newark by the parking lot “courtesy” buses.

Do you remember in the beginning how they gave you your dollar back when you returned the cart?  That was OK.  Now the cost is up to six bucks and you can’t take them on a tram, escalator, or on the tram. You can only go as far as the island outside the terminals.   I think the airlines or the Port Authority should help with this expense and provide them free-of-charge. 

smarte cartes (1).JPG