Agile Solutions

Numerous times, we have taken on hotels for the benefit of our clients when, for one reason or another, client expectations for a meeting didn't pan out. Even when the contact clearly states our clients have liability, we go back to the hotel and work out a settlement that's in the client's favor – and even when there is no legal basis for doing so. Our relationships with hotel chains and specifically with conference management staff mean that even when they don't have to, hotels make adjustments in our clients' favor.


This level of perseverance and tenacity sets us apart from the competition. When a junior staff member might get told "No, this is what the contract says!" and leave it there, we take it the extra mile and win additional concessions for our clients. It might be a savings of 5 people at a dinner, or 50 rooms in attrition out of 100, but we always insist on trying our best for the customer.

We do this at every meeting and wherever possible.