Why Hire a Producer?

A technical producer/director does a lot more than provide you with Audio/Visual equipment and operators. A producer/director will help you organize your meeting’s logistics, help you determine realistic technical needs and a line-by-line estimate. He’ll provide you with technical abilities to manage presentations and presenters.

A producer/director who can speak technical to the technical people required to make your event a success is a real asset to you. He will able to see to it that you aren’t paying for more than you need to produce a successful meeting.


A producer, one with lots of experience, a great track record and vetted by hundreds of satisfied customers will negotiate on your behalf. He’ll deal with the hotel’s technical staff: AV departments, hotel engineering to manage your electrical needs, the internet issues to satisfy your meeting needs and PSAV.

During the meeting, he’ll manage the staff dedicated to your meeting as well as the hotel staff to assure your meetings rooms meet your needs. He’ll provide you with “to-scale” floors and work with the hotel to make sure your comfort and fire and safety issues are addressed. He will tell you if the room is large enough to accommodate your guests, that the ceiling height is  tall enough to accommodate a screen large enough for you audience read comfortably, and analyzes your audio needs  – this is what producer/directors do.

A producer will work with you hand-in-glove. He’ll work for you and not the hotel.

Who on your staff does all this?