Attractions in Dubai Part 1: The Desert

Things to do & places to visit in Dubai

For one to believe that Dubai exists, they have to visit there themselves. One may wonder why Dubai is a common term in the lips of the many people who like an adventure. Here you will understand why Dubai is an unmatched city. From the record-breaking buildings, designs, entertainment, shopping, malls, deserts, Hotels & Luxury, Tech Attractions, Cultural Attractions, Travel and Rides, Sports attraction, Events and activities among others that are discussed below. Indeed, Dubai is a hotbed of tourism attraction.

Desert Attractions

Unlike many deserts where people will avoid visiting due to the harsh climates ranging from hot temperature during the day to cold temperatures during the night, deserts in Dubai are viewed as attraction sites. This is mainly because the deserts in Dubai offers room for fun and attractive activities which include the desert safari. The following activities are ranked among the most attractive in the Dubai deserts.


Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is not a familiar term to many. It involves driving at varying either increasing or decreasing speeds over the dunes. It gives some a different feel from the one they get while driving on the roads. A trained instructor drives you through the dynamic dunes of the Dubai deserts. Preferably, a 4X4 roller-coaster or a sports utility car are preferred. The vehicles are then driven at speeds at speeds that match the levels of confidence in a person. This is a very memorable experience you will have when you visit Dubai.




Sandboarding is another activity you should not miss when you visit Dubai. The recreation activity is almost similar to ice-boarding and snowboarding only that it takes place on the dunes. You ride either down or across a dune with while standing and having their feet strapped on the sand boarders. The recreation activity is widespread in Dubai, and it is even more exhilarating when you hop out of the 4X4 or the SUVs after dune bashing and hop on sandboarding. This will leave you yearning to have the same experience time and again.



Camel Riding

You may be very eager to have a try if not a feel of camel riding and wondering how and where you can quench your wish. Here is a solution for you. Visiting Dubai could be the first step in making your all-time dream of riding a camel come true. In the Dubai deserts, camel riding is an activity that fits in well. Given the warm temperatures that you would be missing from your home countries and the fun of riding the empty desert makes your visit to Dubai more exciting. A combination of waking up early from your hotel room, riding on a camel through the desert and taking photos makes your day brighter.


Quad Biking

Ever thought or heard of quad biking? Ever thought of where you could experience it? Worry no more because Dubai offers you this experience at pocket-friendly rates. The activity involves driving or riding a motor vehicle which has a close look at that of a motorcycle, but it has four wheels. Traversing on the dunes of the desert on a quad bike gives you a breath-taking experience that can be matched elsewhere. With proper timing, quad biking gives you a feel for the cool desert winds.




This is yet another desert activity you cannot fail to experience on your visit to Dubai. This is a sports activity where to try to catch the fast falcons as they soar through the skies and come down at breakneck speeds almost that of lighting. The activity has been interwoven with the Dubai cultural fabric since the days it was used to hunt hares until now it has been approved as a sport in Dubai. Due to the enthusiasm that many has shown towards the sport, the government has gone ahead to initiate the Fazza Championship that is held annually. By visiting Dubai, this will no longer be a story to you. You will live to narrate it to your peers and your family and possibly visit Dubai very many other times just to have a feeling of the same.


Camping and Barbecue

Deserts in Dubai offers one with a spectacular environment for those who enjoy camping a lot. A good case is the Lahbab desert. The desert has fossil rocks which are very attractive to see and take photos. At night, the desert enables the visitors to keep watching the stars in the sky. This is a rare to find opportunity but readily available for you to utilize once you visit Dubai. By camping at Lahbab, one stands to enjoy things such as a large play area for both the adults and the children, place to set tour camping tent, a place to put up a fire to warm the food among others. With this, it becomes entertaining and enjoyable to share a barbecue with your peers as well as your family.