Attractions in Dubai Part 3: Sky Activities

Things to do & places to visit in Dubai

For one to believe that Dubai exists, they have to visit there themselves. One may wonder why Dubai is a common term in the lips of the many people who like an adventure. Here you will understand why Dubai is an unmatched city. From the record-breaking buildings, designs, entertainment, shopping, malls, deserts, Hotels & Luxury, Tech Attractions, Cultural Attractions, Travel and Rides, Sports attraction, Events and activities among others that are discussed below. Indeed, Dubai is a hotbed of tourism attraction.

Sky Activities

It has never been better for the adventurers than it is now. With multiple of fun and thrilling events to choose from. The activities ranging from the oceans and seas to the land and now to the air. With all these activities, it would be justice enough to refer Dubai city as the silicon valley of tourism, fun, and entertainment. Dubai presents you with an opportunity to explore the horizons of the great city, discover new destinations, feel the love of the atmosphere and the as well as conquer the forces of gravity. It however not great as it may sound until you have done it yourself. Psych yourself up and go for it. Below are the primary activities you can participate in the Dubai sky and live to remember, narrate and also wish to have the same experience forever.



Also too as parachuting is an activity that involves transiting from high points on the sky or above the grounds by the help of the forces of gravity. The activity is quite familiar to many, but still, some people always wish for a moment when they will experience this themselves. You may also be wondering where you can have the experience yourself and failing to get the right solution. Well, here is your moment. Dubai city presents you a chance to engage in your dream activity of diving in the sky. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique feel of flying through the sky of among other places the redwood forest, seas, beaches, beaches, malls and other fantastic places. You will also be able to see an overview of the said places as well taking photos while hanging freely in the sky. This activity is presented to you in places such as the Palm zone which is at the heart of palm Jumeirah among others.




Paragliding is an activity or sport that is slightly different from the parachuting and involves flying paraglide. The paraglide have no definite structure to enhance landing. This sport is not very common in many places hence the need to travel to places where such are offered. This activity will give you the opportunity to have a chance to have an aerial view of the mega Dubai city. You will also have an opportunity to enjoy the warm climate of Dubai, get entertained and have so much excitement. Al Boom Diving (Fujairah) is one of the few companies that offer you a breathtaking adventure in Paragliding.



Bungee Jumping at Gravity Zone

The bungee jump is another exciting recreation activity that offers you an adrenaline rush you have always yearned for in your life. The adventure involves dropping you from around 50 M or more above the ground in a jump that is gravity insolent. The jump thrills and makes you feel excited as you slowly fall. The jump is safe for you as you will be in the hands of trained personnel as your instructors. It gives you an opportunity to view the city from the top. Gravity zone is located near Sheikh Zayed Road.


Dinner in the Sky

One the most exciting is having dinner in the sky. Yes! Dinner in the sky. This must be the moment you have been waiting. Taking your dinner up in the sky. Dubai opens the doors for you to enjoy a meal in the sky. The activity is enabled by the use of cranes which has a place for chairs and tables hence making a perfect dining place. Other than enjoy the meals you will also have an opportunity to view the magnificent city of Dubai. The services of dining in the sky are offered by companies such as The Fun Group whose origin is Belgium, Dubai International Marine Club, Dubai Marina and others.



Hot Air Balloon Ride

To add to the list of things of the things that are very attractive to the tourist both from the United Arab Emirates and those from outside the country is the Hot air balloon adventure. The ride entails flying up to the sky while you are in a balloon. This provides you with an experience that would take you a century to erase in your mind as the balloons can fly to as high as 4000 feet or in other words, more than 1 kilometer above the ground. Can you imagine this? Also, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the meals while on the balloon. This activity can be offered by Vintage Land Rover Balloon Safari and other several companies.


Helicopter Tour

This is yet another activity that should make you visit Dubai. The activity involves traversing the Dubai city a helicopter for several minutes. With it comes various advantages such as the enjoy a flight, enjoy viewing the golden Dubai city, refreshments and drinks during the flight, interaction with the pilot among others. You will also have an excellent chance to take photos of the city from the top as well as the photos of the desert. Helicopter tours are offered in places such as Burj Khalifa, the Atlantis, the Burj Al-Arab hotel and the Palm Jumeirah.



Dubai has unlimited attraction sites as well as activities. Among them is the gyrocopter which involves the use of a rotorcraft that applies a rotor to initiate a lift. The experience one gets from a gyrocopter is more or less similar to that which they get during the helicopter tour. However, the significant difference between a helicopter and a gyrocopter is that a gyrocopter does not have an engine and instead its rotors are self-propelled. The gyrocopter also has a wing that improves its stability thus making it withstand the turbulence that may arise. Some of the experiences you will get by riding the gyrocopter includes viewing the city, the desert, the redwood forest, photo taking and breathtaking adventure in the sky. This activity can be offered to you by various sporting companies such as the Sky Hub Gyrocopters which can traverse you in different areas such as the iconic Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab.


Micro Flight

This is another attractive activity that deals with carrying small weights in an aircraft that is powered a very small engine. The activity takes you high in the sky and the same time allowing you to view the beauty of the city, the desert, the beaches, the mountains and the seas. These activities are also offered at the prices which match the experience you will have while in the sky. Also, the micro-light moves at speed you wish meaning it can move slowly to allow you an opportunity to take photographs of the city from the home of the birds. Apollo Micro Flights and other related companies will offer you the opportunity to explore the beauty of Dubai using a micro flight.