Perception of a Travel Destination

When should you go back to a destination? 

I can’t place much credence on what the media says now a day.  Case in point was last week’s disturbing photos after a power outage in Puerto Rico.  The power outage was caused by an accidentally cut cable but the photos and media spin were from the just after the October Hurricane. The two just give the wrong picture.  What do you think people remember?  It is OK to take your travel professional’s word for how things are going. Before you do ask them these questions just as if you were purchasing any other commodity:

  • Have you been there?

  • Have you seen or experienced the attractions personally?

  • Is the information you have found from a reliable source?

  • Do some research

  • Confirm statements from more than one source; Prevent the spread of rumors

  • Look up State Department official warnings for any notices

Puerto Rico is Open for Business.jpg

Take Puerto Rico for example.  It is open for business and needs the tourist industry restored quickly to return to prosperity.  I saw a completely rebuilt city of San Juan, airport, restaurants and they are ready for new business. They have hit the reset button. 

I am amazed that the media photographs and the public discourse show of what it was like just after the hurricane in October.  Nothing compared to what it is like today. I hear people making all sorts of statements saying that there is no power, the water is not safe, and that the island of Puerto Rico is not ready, and further to that, it won’t be for some time.  I ask how they know that?  They heard it or saw it on TV. It is all misperception and misinformation.  

It is so sad to hear. Puerto Rico is ready and I will take you do down and show you.  See my photos from last week’s trip and let me say from one professional to another, this island has been rebuilt It is now our turn to support the work that has been done to rebuild this great island.