Wake Up! No More Airport Sleeping

No sleeping in the airport? Coming soon to an airport near you.

Can you imagine if your scheduled flight misconnects and you are stuck at Newark Airport overnight?

Your flight arrives late, there are no more flights that night, and you must wait until the next morning at the very earliest to depart.

You had pleaded to get off the plane; first passing all the other passengers, only to experience the inevitable:  You either missed the flight or it had been cancelled.


You wade your way through the airport, pass numerous gates and then on to a long line of other displaced passengers. The area is called customer "service".

You hope that someone would say that they have hotel accommodations for you.  If this is the first leg of an outbound flight, the airlines will often encourage you to go home and return the next morning.

There is usually no offer to help pay for your parking round-trip transfer and or inconvenience.

For those connecting, more often than not the request for overnight accommodations falls on deaf ears.  Unless you are Platinum 1K or Global Services.

Your choice now is to transfer to a hotel at your own expense, spend the night and hope you get reimbursed.

More more information on the no sleep trend go to this link.