Warsaw, Poland

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A remarkable, European, 2 million inhabitants city, driven by the future and inspired by the past. Modern and lively metropolis with surprisingly green centre and each night rich in cultural events. Warsaw as a 800 years old city and 500 years old capital of Poland, having in mind its cruel history, but presents itself a world’s best example how to survive, against great odds. Nowadays the favorite destination attracting new business in Central Europe and being one of top tourist destinations in Poland.

Here are some of the great incentive programs that Warsaw has to offer:

Kurt Scheller’s Cooking Academy

Born in Switzerland, Kurt Scheller is a very popular Chef. Before creating his own academy he used to work for the biggest chain hotels like Bristol, Sheraton or Rialto. Nowadays The Kurt Scheller Academy provides professional cooking training and short courses for non-professionals. Not to mention that he has an outgoing personality and remarkable sense of humour. The cooking classes can also be arranged on exclusive basis for our clients. You will be given the opportunity to prepare some Polish dishes on your own, with the instructions and advices from the culinary master himself - Kurt Scheller.

‘Warsaw in Puzzles’ – City Game

This will not be a sightseeing that one takes part in and forget. There will be no boring city guide showing monuments and no standard itinerary to take. There will be just you and the city with its people and some tasks to be completed. Because Polish capital has many faces and each stop will discover one of them... Our guests will be divided into teams, each will get its own ‘silent’ guide to watch over the participants. The guests will have to trace their own itinerary and accomplish different tasks connected with local culture, traditions and famous Polish people’s lives.

Warsaw Retro Ball

Venues used in the program: Ballroom of the former European Hotel, The Royal Way. We invite you to Warsaw of the 1920s and 1930s then called the Paris of the North. This is Warsaw of the elegant ladies and gentlemen, vamps like Pola Negri, vaudeville stars and the devourer of the male’s hearts like Ordonka or gallant suitors sending boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers. Those are the times conquered by jazz and tango, and the times when foxtrot, charleston and quick step ruled the floor. Description of the program: Guests receive an invitation to the gala in the ballrooms of the old European Hotel. The whole concept of the evening is based on 1920s & 1930s attributes of Warsaw – its style, fashion and etiquette. Every detail is important here: from the vintage gazette leading into the ambiance, through styled usherettes, 1920s officers giving roses to ladies, and waiters serving tincture, to the elements of scene (instruments, bar, plasma TV in frames etc.), band, the retro photo stand where guests are drawn into the game of disguise (vintage photos with the figures from the past are ‘gift from the ball’). Thanks to high involvement of the organisers and guests the 1920s and 1930s mood of the dancing Warsaw comes back. Guests feel like the ‘cream of the cream’ of the society of those times.

‘Future Needs Past’ – City Game

Venues in the programme: Palace of Science & Culture, Old Town, The Royal Way. In the city game the town structure becomes the board on which we play. Historical points of interest, monuments and landmarks with their interesting stories become tasks to be solved or places to be discovered. It is all done with sense of humour, necessary distance to local history, plus - it requires some team work and competitive skills. Conferences and meetings often close people indoors. We show you around. Programme description: We divide guests into teams, provide them with road books and maps with the marked route and… we open the incredible city for them. Following the motto ‘PastNeeds Future’ the game’s terrain is located in the historic part of Warsaw with some modern solutions & realizations. Participants solve tasks from road books. Each player pays a visit to one of the typical Warsaw restaurants along the Royal Way to taste the great Polish cuisine. We can suit the city game to the topic of your conference. The motto can be developed and enhanced during the whole meeting highlighting its ambience. The game can be organized in any weather conditions.

Polish Vodka Tasting

France has champagne, Scotland has whiskey, Belgium has beer, what about Poland? Vodka! Taste a small shot of its pleasure, of that polish alcohol firmly rooted in the Polish tradition during an exciting day or evening in the historic interiors of Warsaw. We’ll visit OR the special devoted club/bar or the Warsaw’s former Vodka Factory - located in the renovated 19th century factory buildings, where you will get acquainted with a variety of vodka brands as well as its way of producing and the customs of serving. It will be also a great opportunity to taste delicious polish cuisine, which is an inseparable aspect of country’s culture.

‘Discover Warsaw’ – City Game

Our interactive game – ‘Discover Warsaw’ will give you the opportunity to become familiar with the Warsaw’s topography and every day life. It allows you to experience the polish tastes, find out the Warsaw legends and visit the most picturesque places of Warsaw. Small groups of explorers equipped with maps and city pocket guides, camera, public transport tickets and a task card where all the tasks are described should reach marked stations. On each station the teams work on the task. The help of the locals and the use of public transportation may be necessary. Quiz sheet will include a wide variety of questions related to Warsaw’s history, culture, etc. The explorers will try to find the answers while playing the game.

Polish Design Shopping

The unique opportunity to explore more and more famous Polish designers’ boutiques. During this trip we will visit boutiques of Maciej Zień, Ewa Minge and Gosia Baczyńska, rising stars of the world wide fashion design. Their beautiful creations are worn by local and global celebrities. All the productions we can see and buy are unique and individual, but the good thing is they are still at reasonable price. For a dessert, you will be served Polish interior design. During the trip we will come across some creations of Oskar Zięta, Agnie

Warsaw Movies Production Ltd.

The participants are forming film-making teams. They play different roles as actors, film directors, operators and technical staff. We provide cameras, costumes, props and inspiring surrounding. The team members provide their skills, humour and imagination. The plot is based on the information found in mysterious black bags. The film-teams’ efforts are rewarded during the film presentation ceremony on the next day. Few words from participants: ‘When I watch our team-building films I always get a better mood’ ‘The film activity was the most interesting part of the conference’

Chocolate Workshop

Over a century ago, Emil Wedel, an extremely talented apprentice made a very controversial decision – he decided to build his own house in the centre of Warsaw, converting it at the same time into cake and chocolate factory & lounge. In the façade overlooking a busy Warsaw street, he opened his own store, selling his pralines and cakes. The very modern and artistic interiors appealed to Warsaw customers who classified the place as very trendy… and delicious. The chocolate quality that Wedel made in his factory was so outstanding that the number of visitors doubled with every month. We do believe that your visitors will share our passion towards the Polish Wedel chocolate and will enjoy remarkable moments in present-day chocolate lounges. The time spent over a cup of hot chocolate and a selection of pralines will also be used as a gently excuse for an interesting lecture on the Wedel chocolate story. After a short presentation and talk, all guests will take time to use professional advice on how to decorate popular so called Wedel torts. All necessary ingredients such as sugar crunch will be provided. Then, everybody in groups will create their own individual decorative motives. The final task will include finding potential buyers interested in their handcraft.

Light Painting’ – Artistic Workshop

‘Light painting’ is a kind of a group play, experiment and creative art, connected with light-sources using photographic technology. It is often applied by professionals for making artistic pictures and unique short-movies. People generate simple pictures by moving various light sources. The pictures or movies exist only on a data carrier – no one cansee them ‘live’ – because they do not exist, actually. The creation of these effects is a perfect entertainment for guests and an excellent integration-exercise which combines fun with team-work. Participants are surprised how easily their thoughts and dreams become real. Workshops are organized in unusual interiors, which play a vital role as backgrounds for creating photographic drawings. First of all, we start with selecting the right place, which must be thought-inspiring for our guests.