Engagement & Analytics: Getting the Most Out of Your Meetings

What if - for the cost of a typical coffee break - you could be guaranteed to not only fully engage your meeting attendees, but also have the data to ensure they've retained what you've presented (which is the whole reason you're having the meeting in the first place).

Companies spend billions on the infrastructure of meetings - the transportation, meals, hotels, etc. By comparison, very little, if anything, is spent on the knowledge check at meetings. How much time and money is wasted on poor attentiveness and the requisite post-meeting follow-up corrections?


Our partners Educational Measures provide technology to engage Meeting Participants and provide data/analytics to the Meeting Stakeholder via their ARRAY system. This interactive personal second screen technology facilitates the knowledge check through:

  • Polling participants on their concerns
  • Instant and sortable questions to presenters
  • Saving and making notes on slides
  • Taking and saving text notes
  • Immediate feedback after sessions
  • Robust meeting reports including:
    1. Onsite report: this report shows the raw data produced during the meeting, the polling and evaluation responses, plus questions submitted by the meeting participants
    2. Insight report: this report summarizes the raw data from the OnSite information showing most important slides, with questions asked, notes made, etc.
    3. Summary report: this report shows each individual slide and the notes made, questions asked, number of participants that saved slides, etc.

By having an iPad at each place, meeting attendees can more closely follow and participate in the content being presented, and meeting organizers can efficiently gauge how effective their message is getting through.  Isn't it worth that little bit more to utilize the latest innovative technology to make your meeting the best it can be?

You can learn more by visiting our second screen page here.