Merger Stress?   Why Not Create an Inexpensive Reward Program?

During a corporate merger, a task force made up of employees from both companies was charged with making the transition a smooth one.  Task force employees worked tirelessly for six months; planning how to blend operations, corporate lifestyles and the two distinct company brands. 

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this process created a lot of stress for participants in the task force.  They still had responsibility for their longstanding obligations in their respective companies.


When the desired results were achieved, the teams were rewarded for their endless hours of work with an affordable 5-day, 4-night cruise, announced with pair of high-end, name brand sunglasses delivered to their homes.  A premium balcony cabin for two with on onboard ship credit let them customize their experience and reward their “significant others” who also sacrificed during the merger process.

What a great way to reward valued employees with a premium trip – all for less than $3,000 per couple!   The added benefit: an opportunity to network and enjoy the relationships which developed during the merger process.


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