Hotel Evaluation Beyond The Room Rate

Most people only choose to evaluate ONE ELEMENT in selecting a hotel - and that's the hotel's room rate.

Anyone can compare Hotel A to Hotel B (based on room rate and star rating), that's if the room rate is all that you are interested in. However, the QUALITY and VALUE of the experience are far more important to the reputation of a sponsor - intangibles that have effects which are felt long after the meeting is over.

Let Summit evaluate the destination for your next meeting with invaluable empirical data:

  • Length of travel time that your investigators and staff will be out of the office for
  • Additional pre- and post- stays as requrired by flight itineraries
  • Flight times that coincide with a full day of meetings on arrival and departure days
  • Transfer costs at the most econmical rate without sacrificing service and dependability. A low hotel room rate coupled with a high transfer rate defeats the whole purpose.

Summit has the intimate knowledge anid extensive experience in the industry to evaluate the hotel and its idiosyncratic technical requirements to allow for the best possible contract negotiation result for you.

What good are low room rates, food & beverage prices, and cheap airfares when a hotel gouges you on meeting room internet charges?

Today's meetings are incorporating innovative and immersive technology to engage attendees, all of which are heavily internet-reliant. An egregious internet connection rate can throw your entire meeting budget into chaos.