Attractions in Dubai Part 4: Gardens & Parks

Things to do & places to visit in Dubai

For one to believe that Dubai exists, they have to visit there themselves. One may wonder why Dubai is a common term in the lips of the many people who like an adventure. Here you will understand why Dubai is an unmatched city. From the record-breaking buildings, designs, entertainment, shopping, malls, deserts, Hotels & Luxury, Tech Attractions, Cultural Attractions, Travel and Rides, Sports attraction, Events and activities among others that are discussed below. Indeed, Dubai is a hotbed of tourism attraction.

Gardens & Parks

How would Dubai be without gardens and parks? Unimaginable, right! Dubai’s gardens and parks are one of the major attraction sites and a key reason why should personally visit Dubai. Walking in the hot sunny weather with your loved ones while enjoying your favorite drink and barbecues, enjoying the green colors and also many flowers, sitting out in the sun, partying, enjoying the fountains, taking photos among many others are just some of the things you will have a taste of when in Dubai gardens and parks. Dubai has a variety of both gardens and parks which you will have an opportunity of choosing from once you are there depending on your preferences. Below are the most attractive gardens and parks for you in Dubai which you should make an effort of paying a visit.


Dubai Miracle Garden

This is among the leading gardens in Dubai. The garden could be described as one of its kind as it provides you with numerous services. It is the world’s most extensive natural flower garden. It has not less than 100 M flower of various types and colors that will keep you gazing for hours. The garden boasts an area of 72000 sqm. It is located close to the Arabian Ranches in Dubai. Since its opening in 2013, the garden has been attracting an average 1.5 M guests annually. To ensure that the visitors of the garden feels a different feel every time they pay a visit, the garden changes its floral structure after the season. Some of the things you will be expecting to feel and enjoy at Dubai Miracle includes parking both open, and VIP, places to sit, prayer blocks, kiosks, rooms to do your prayers, first aid room, and the list is endless.



Dubai Butterfly Garden

This is yet another major tourist attraction. The garden is situated inside the miracle garden. It boasts an area of 2600 square meters and has around nine custom-built domes. The garden is unique from others in that it houses approximately more than 15000 different species of butterflies. The gardens allow you a chance to view the development stages of insects from when they are caterpillars to when they mature to become insects. The garden will also give you an opportunity to view the world's longest and biggest flower which extends to a distance of 1 kilometer. At the garden, you will enjoy the beautiful serene, take photos to share with friends on social media, have fun, enjoy a nature walk, learn different things such as the evolution of insects, see a Guinness book recorded wall that contains flowers alone and many more things you cannot miss. On your way out or in the garden, you will have an opportunity to see the world's biggest garden, Miracle Garden.



Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is ranked among the top family destinations in the world due to its magical experiences. The garden has themes that have previously not been used elsewhere worldwide making it unique. It has around 10 M energy saving bulbs and some luminous fabrics that have been recycled. It is also home to 100 dinosaurs ranking it among the biggest dinosaur parks worldwide. To make hangout cool, the garden has more than 5000 tons of ice. The garden also presents its visitors with live performances and concerts and even musical shows. There are also entertainment zones for the children. We all love food and sweet food for that matter, and this adds to the reasons why the Dubai Garden Glow should be the next place for you to visit. The garden has a pavilion of the different types of foods taken globally. The garden is located in Zabeel Park.


Global Village

The global village is yet another tourist attraction though seasonal. Located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in Dubai, the garden offers you with multiple attractive items that should make you wake up tomorrow heading to Dubai to view the wonder with your naked eyes. The garden also gives you a moment to do your shopping at the garden’s shopping extravaganza. The shopping involves items from various cultures and places as well. It also has a large number of car parking slots for the visitors, in addition to this, the garden offers a variety of food types for you to decide on the food to satisfy your stomach’s needs. If you also happen to visit the place with your kids aged three years and below or your parents aged 65 and above, you are guaranteed free entry for them. It also presents you unlimited entertainment with more than 10000 live shows every season, music, rides, games both for children and adults and many other activities for you. You can’t wait anymore for this.



Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park is a public park that is situated in the Zabeel district of Dubai. The park spans an area of 47.5 ha and has numerous activities lined up for you. The park is among the few technology-driven parks in the UAE. The park offers you services such as boat riding, Wi-Fi services, sports racecourse, cricket playing, prayer places, car parking, bicycle riding, restaurants and cafeterias, entertainment and many other services and facilities. There are also very many kiosks in the park where you can buy your refreshments. The park also gives you a natural feel for the cool climate, lush and green environment and the numerous birds. Something else that is unique about this park is that it has a train that is used by the visitors to tour around the park and enjoy the fragrance of the place.


Dubai Aquarium

Dubai aquarium and underwater involves a big 10 million-liter tank located on the third floor of the Dubai Mall. The tank is home to not less than 33000 marine animals and also the biggest group of sand tiger sharks. It also houses around 140 different kinds of sea life. To make you feel the experience of the underwater world, the aquarium has a 48 Meters glass tunnel which you can walk through and have a view of the various aquatic animals. In addition, you ride a boat in the aquarium, snorkel and swim with the sharks. The experience will be fantastic for you in all the days of your life.


Dubai Dolphinarium

This is an indoor Dolphinarium in Dubai that is air-conditioned to provide a suitable habitat for the dolphins. It attracts tourists from all the corners of the globe to Dubai to enjoy the rare chance of the company of the dolphins. Also, you will be allowed to swim with the dolphins, interact with them, kiss and hug them. You will also have a chance to watch them jump up from the water, perform acrobatics, sing, and dance, take photos among others. Other than the dolphins, Dubai Dolphinarium will offer you an opportunity to view and watch the different species birds in Creek Park Bird Show. This will play a pivotal role in your understanding of the Bird Brain Theory. The dolphinarium is situated in the creekside park at Bur Dubai.


The Green Planet Dubai

The green planet Dubai is another attraction site that cannot go unnoticed as it is the biggest artificial tree ecosystem. The attraction site aims at giving you the visitor a feel of the adventure in a tropical rainforest which is situated in a desert. It boasts to function as a real ecosystem with its over 3000 different types of animals, insects, and plants. The attraction is set up a glass building which is 150 ft tall. The primary things you are going to enjoy once you set foot on the Green Planet Dubai includes viewing not less than 3000 different types of animals, explore the various levels of forest offered at the site, learning about the various species at the site, view an indoor artificial waterfall that is attached to a tree, walking on a rope bridge from one part to another, posing for photos among others. This site is located at City Walk, Dubai.


Legoland® Dubai

Legoland® Dubai is a hub of entertainment for the kids aged between 2 to 12 years. The park is the first of its kind in Dubai and seventh in the globe. The park has the children's wishes at heart. The Legoland® Dubai gives children various forms of entertainment. These include driving through the tricky curves and turns at the park, riding a dragon coaster that goes for as much as 60 kilometers per hour through the King's Castle, view the mainland in Dubai which includes the biggest buildings in Dubai such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Airport, Taj Mahal and many others. The children are also given a platform to interact and play, making bricks which they are then allowed to take home after the party and very many other entertaining features at the park. The park is located at Sheikh Zayed Road, opposite Palm Jebel, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

The IMG Worlds of Adventure is situated in the city of Arabia in Dubai. It is the largest indoor theme park in the world. The park boasts an area of 1.5 million square feet which can be used to construct 28 football pitches. It has 5 zones with varying themes. It offers you as a visitor your favorite cartoon networks. The children can, therefore, enjoy many adventures such as the Ben 10, Lazytown and The Powerpuff Girls. Adults can also enjoy the action movies such as the Spider-man, Ironman and The Avengers. You are also given an opportunity to interact with the life-size dinosaurs as well as be entertained by the live stage shows. You can enjoy your dinner at multiple dining places in the park and also do your shopping there.


Dubai Zoo

It is true you all enjoy viewing animals as well as posing photos with them. However, the greatest hindrance is that many of these are not readily available for us in your residences. Dubai City presents to you the Dubai Zoo which carries the day of being the oldest zoo park in the Gulf Arabian. The zoo is built on a 2-hectare piece of land and is situated in Jumeirah. Dubai zoo is home to many different species of animals including the big cats, chimpanzees, giraffe, monkeys, deer, hyena, porcupines, baboons, over 400 different types of reptiles, a variety of multiple birds, and an aquarium among others. The zoo, therefore, offers good family experience to learn, view the animals, interact with the less violent and also pose for photos.

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park also plays a big role in attracting more and more visitors to Dubai. The park is home to over 2500 animals of over 250 different species which live in its 119 ha park. The park was opened in January 2018. The park also has cultural villages such as the African villages, Asian village, and open safari village and an Arabian village. Some the things you will find exciting at the park are bus tours in the Arabian and the Open Safari village, a nature walk at the Asian and the African villages, pocket friendly rates, a feel of the nature, photo shooting, learning, free entry for people aged 60 years and above and also people with various disabilities. The park is located at the Al Warqa 5 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai offers you a wide variety of items to choose from. This is the attraction site have multiple activities which thus satisfying your various adventure needs. Situated at the ground floor of the mall of Emirates, the attraction presents you with activities such as an opportunity to ski, toboggan, and zip line, playing in the snow with family, friends and loved ones and snowboarding. It also has a snow park where you can do mountain riding, ice-caving, view the snow penguins, skiing and much other fun and exciting activities. It would also be very odd if you visited the place and left without taking a photo and later sharing it with the people you care.

Wild Wadi Water Park

It is one and the only of its kind in the Dubai. It was developed based on Classic Arabian tale character named Juha. The Wild Wadi Water Park is situated at the Jumeirah Beach Road and in front of the Burj Al Arab. It is a famous tourist attraction in Dubai as it offers you with over 30 different types of activities for you to involve yourself in. Among them includes exploring the Juha’s dhow and lagoon by the young children, relaxing in the calm water pool, participating in the speed slides, surfing and surfboarding. Also, you will have an opportunity to view the magnificent and iconic Burj Al Arab as it is located just a stone throw away from the park. The experience at the wild wadi water park is one you will live to treasure. Try it and share with your friends about it.

Motiongate Dubai

This is yet another attraction site that Dubai presents to the tourists yearning to visit the place one day. The park was inspired by Hollywood and is located in Dubai Parks and Resorts, Dubai. The park has not less than 100 100 different types of rides. The park also accommodates the largest entertainment complex in Dubai, adequate parking slots and some resorts. Some of the different kinds of rides that are offered at the Motiongate Dubai Park includes the Ghostbusters ride, Meatballs ride, Zombieland ride, the Hotel Transylvania ride, The Green Hornet ride, The Underworld Ride and others. Other than the rides you also stand to enjoy the hunger game, live stage shows, Vikings, smurf studio tour and Kung Fu panda ride.


Bollywood Parks Dubai

Bollywood Park Dubai is the pioneer of the Bollywood parks globally. The park has different zones each with a different ride. The park also has around thirty shows that are held live. Additionally, there are six restaurants where you can take meals at will. Other than this, the inside of the park is street styled o resembling the Bollywood hometown, Mumbai. Also, the park has several rides such as the Don The Chase which is done in a tunnel where the visitors acts as if they are chasing criminals across the city. The park also has several fast food outlets with a variety sweet smelling and delicious foods from different cultures around the globe. The park also contains a zone developed to appear like the Indian villages that were homes to many Bollywood classics. The park is located in Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite Palm Jebel Ali – Dubai.

Dubai Opera

Dubai opera is an art center that dislocated in the Opera district in the downtown Dubai. It has a capacity of 2000 seats and was developed by the Emaar properties with a goal of hosting multiple events and performances which includes exhibition, concerts, theatre, conferences, and Opera. The center offers you with a variety of arts and culture from different corners of the globe. The center has a shimmering dhow shaped design that is attractive for taking selfies for you and your loved ones, your family and even your peers. The center offers you unbeatable entertainment presented in the form of cultural dances, concerts, live performances and a variety of other unbeatable deals. The Dubai Opera also accommodates the Sean Connolly restaurant where you take the dish of the food you like as well as buy a drink that will quench your thirst. While at the center, you will have some exciting views of the iconic Burj Khalifa thus proving Dubai Opera the best place to be.


Dubai Autodrome

You know how fun it is to see cars move in speeds faster than that of lightning, how it sometimes make you jump as you cheer your favorite contestant on TVs, and how disappointed you feel when your preferred player loses? Dubai auto drone gives you a live experience of this and much more. The Autodrome extends to a distance of 5.39 km and offers you an experience of watching live car racing such as the LG Super Racing, European Touring Car championship, formula Renault v6 Eurocup season and many others. In the future, the Dubai Autodrome is expected to host the Formula 1 racing. The autodrome is located at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Dubai.


Water Fountain Show @ Dubai Mall

Water Fountain Show at Dubai Mall is the biggest music fountain in the world and also one of the top tourist attraction sites in Dubai. During the performances, the jets at the fountain shoots water sprays to up to 150 meters above the ground. This is then irradiated by the over 6000 light bulbs as well as the 50 color projectors. The fountain, therefore, will offer you a captivating view of the live music that will be played. You will also be entertained together with your loved ones as well pose for photos. The Water Fountain Show at Dubai Mall is also close to magnificent buildings that are globally recognized such as the Dubai Mall and Souk Al Bahar Bridge. Also, around the fountain, there are several restaurants such as the Urbano which offers Italian food, Rivington Grill which provides the British diet, Margaux restaurant which offers French cuisine, Mango Tree offering Thailand food and several others. This allows you to enjoy your meal as the music at the fountain entertains you. The fountain show is situated at the Dubai Mall.

Dubai Frame View

The Dubai Frame was launched in January 2018 and has since turned out to be a darling to many tourists in Dubai. The measurements of the frame are 93 M wide and 150 M tall. The frame towers are then joined by a 100 sqm bridge which has a 25 sqm glass panel at the center. This gives you a panoramic view of both the new and the old Dubai. In addition to the viewing the city, you will also have a chance to view the transformations that Dubai has undergone to become an ultra-modern city in the museum found on the ground floor of the Frame. You will also have an opportunity to interact with other visitors at the place thus making your experience a breathtaking one. The charges of enjoying this experience are also very pocket-friendly. The Dubai Frame is located at Zabeel Park.

City Walk Dubai

City Walk Dubai is an ideal destination for visitors from all over the world in that it provides the tourists with a unique experience, of mixed retail shops and outlets as well as various artworks. At the city walk Dubai, you will enjoy various things such as shopping, entertainment, and dining. The different types of entertainment you will find at the city walk includes live concerts and performances as well as enjoying the arts on the wall. The city Walk also gives you an opportunity to shop various things that you may need ranging from fashion, jewels, and refreshments. Also, when hunger bites, there are several restaurants in the City Walk where you can ease the bites. These restaurants include Emirati fusion spot, Cocoa kitchen, Farzi café and French fare. The city walk is located in Jumeirah near the Dubai Mall.


Rooftop Gardens, Wafi

We all love watching movies and other programs of different forms. However, the sweetness of the movie greatly depends on the environment you are in at the time of watching the movie and the people around. Dubai through the Pyramids Rooftop Garden @ Wafi offers and completely different feel for you in watching movies. It offers you an outdoor environment where you can relax, enjoy and follow the proceedings of a particular event as well as a movie. At Rooftop Pyramids gardens you are given a chance to watch movies under the stars every Sunday evening in the company of your friends, your lovers or even your family. To make it even more thrilling, the visitors are served with drinks as well as snacks. The general environment of the garden also provides a better chance for you to take photos and selfies. The garden is situated in Oud Metha District in Dubai.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is located a few meters from Dubai city and boasts an area of 6 square kilometers. The sanctuary is home to tens of thousands of birds of different species. It is also used as a breeding place for various animals such as mammal, fish, and crustaceans. At the sanctuary, you can find animals such as flamingos, herons, sandpipers, osprey, cormorants and very many others. The wildlife sanctuary also accommodates over 20000 water birds of 67 different species. You will, therefore, have a delightful experience once you are in the sanctuary as you watch the animals play, eat, and fly among others. You will also enjoy the peaceful nature of the environment at the sanctuary.


Dubai Festival City

Dubai Festival City is one of the most attractive tourist’s sites at Dubai. The destination offers you a blend of different world-class features that will leave you thrilled by the experience you are going to have in the city. The destination is situated at Festival Waterfront Centre, Dubai offers you a wide range of entertainment, shopping, lifestyle, and hotels. The festival mall accommodates more than 350 retail stores that are recognized globally such as Top Shop, DKNY, and Ikea Dubai among many others. It also has a cinema complex where you can watch live performances, shows, and concerts. The mall also has multiple restaurants, cafes, and bakery where you dine and also take some refreshment drinks. Moreover, the mall is the home of several world-class hotels such as the Intercontinental hotel. The mall also is a home for widely known festivals, a good example being the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature and also the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Al Qudra Lake

This is one of the artificial lakes situated in the middle of the Saih Al Salam Desert in Dubai. The lake boasts an area 10 ha. The lake is also a habitat of not less than a hundred different classes of birds. At the lake, you will have a view of swans, flamingoes, steppe eagle, Asian Houbara and many other birds. There also several resorts, restaurants, and cafés around the lake such as Bab Al Shams though they are some distance from the lake. You will also have an opportunity to experience sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evenings. The lake is also ideal for picnics, nature walks, and photo taking. It is also an ideal place to prove your love for your loved ones, kids, and even your family. Come and feel the nature at Al Qudra Lake. You won’t regret your decision.