The metro is the best way to get around, but if it's closed, Uber is a good alternative. You can go anywhere and at any time.  Sometimes you are in the wrong location and need a lift. Your phone knows where you are and all you need do is type in your destination.

Malodourous Taxi Drivers

Uber drivers have everything to get right.  If not, they will lose their business to Taxi and the METRO.  I've had good experiences with Uber everywhere, and Paris is no exception. From a pick up on a very small street for a mile long ride it can cost about 5 euros. I thought it would be impossible to find an UBER at the Eiffel Tower, but it was quite easy to locate the car.  It was convenient, fast, and since you give the address you're going to on the app, there's no language problem.


I am reasonably familiar with Paris but always felt that taxis have taken me on a longer ride than necessary. I've have experienced taxi drivers that say they don’t understand English when they do and some have really bad body odor or the car smells like smoke  Nothing like Japan. The taxis in Pairs have a charges if you call for a pickup and UBER does not.

If a taxi stand is nearby, that works for me. They even take credit cards with a SURCHARGE. Uber will usually arrive faster and you know where he is every step of the way.  You can also track the route while going to your destination and he won't be taking the long route. Further, the thing I like most is that I get a complete receipt via Email for my expense report. – Unlike taxi’s that make it like they are doing you a favor if you want a receipt.   Lastly, you can also dispute a fare if you are incorrectly charged on your credit card and since it is in the system, no one can steal your number form you.    


Warning: if you are going from city to Charles DE Gaulle Airport, you can be charged a surcharge (20- 30 Euros), and a taxi is only 55 Euros. Check before you take the ride.

Using UBER and other ride-sharing services for groups

  • See if they (Uber and Lyft) are permitted to pick up at the airport. In Sweden, for example, they are strictly forbidden. So an Uber driver is called to pick you up, he will get out of his car and give you a hug (as though a friend)  and you sit in the front seat.
  • Uber and Lyft are a great option (Ace in the Hole) for an unannounced traveller that just shows up, limited space in a vehicle, transfer of extra luggage, or when someone is held in customs or searching for a lost bag.  A last minute car is usually just minutes away and the billing go can direct to your account. Not the traveller.  
  • Check the location for pick up. If it is not at the terminal it may not be worth going on the tram to a remote pick up location
  •  Try the service first before you tell your attendees to use it. 
  •          Offer the phone numbers and app on the arrival information so a guest can sign up in advance.  Be sure to include the local Taxi Company at the airport so people have a choice and most important options.