Our Travel Experience with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is a wonderful way to fly to Asia and beyond. Try Singapore airlines. It is the flag carrier for Singapore and it’s hub is at Changi Airport

Do you need to know your captain?  No, but it is nice that they come out to meet you.  I was onboard the beautiful A380 double-decker recently.  With only 80 business class seats on the second level and an almost private compartment, you will not be disappointed.

You gain access by a  direct ramp, and if flying 16 hours and 40 minutes is not for you, you can take the staircase down and walk the length of the plane until you are tired. 

Personally, I do not find the seats to be the most comfortable in business class as when you’re seated up it is like being in a checker cab in England. They provide several pillows so to make you comfortable however until you have the flatbed feature it is not as comfortable as some airlines with automatic recliners.  Regardless, if you regularly fly business class you will not be disappointed.

For a long haul, the premium economy class service provides comfort and additional choices and privileges.  The seats are not packed in it like most US carriers and it is a 2-4-2 configuration.

Singapore air bed in the sky .jpg


Singapore Airlines' new hotel rooms in the sky have just been unveiled.  For the heck of it, check it out.  Also, check out the fare before you say you are going to make the reservation.  Then, call Summit Management. Speak with our director of reservations services for ideas on how to fly and save some money.

For more information contact Marty Beery, Director of Travel Services at Summit Management 973-239 4004 ext. 110.