What is the Most Important Element When Considering Meeting Space?

This may surprise you, but it isn’t the size of the room. It is the height of the ceiling. Nothing dictates the limitations of your event more than the height of the ceiling. The height of the ceiling dictates the size of the screens on which your content will be presented.

You may well be able to seat 250 people comfortably in a room, but if the screens are so small that the audience can’t read the text and illustrations, what is the point of having a meeting at all? So, how high should a ceiling be?

A screen height needs to be one-eighth the distance of the of the furthest person you want to be able to see the content of your presentation. In other words, the furthest person from the screen should not exceed eight times the height of the screen. For example, if a screen is ten feet tall, no one should be seated further than eighty feet away (and no closer than two times the height of the screen).

Further, the screen needs to high enough above the heads of the audience that the people seated in the back of the room can see it clearly over the heads of the people seated in front of them.

This has been the industry standard for more than fifty years.

This has been the industry standard for more than fifty years.

Setting up a meeting room is no easy task. Dozens of elements need to be considered. These are things that you can’t learn from reading a few good books; it takes years of experience, trial-and-error, as well as an understanding of fire and safety regulations. 

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